Using the 2mee Creator App

If you are reading this you have been invited to become a creator on the 2mee platform. You will have received an email invitation to activate and download the app. Once the app is installed, you are ready to start recording. If you have any questions along the way, please get in touch with

Recordings for the 2mee Hologram creator app can only be recorded on an iphone x or above.

Getting Started

Creating your account

As a creator you will get started on the 2mee platform/creator app using an email sent from 2mee. Below is an example of the email you will receive once an administrator/content manager. has invited you.

You will now need to follow the steps on this email and first download the 2mee Hologram creator app from the app store.

Once you have downloaded the 2mee Hologram creator app you can then click the link on the email to activate your account. Upon clicking this link you will be asked to add a password for your account. Please make sure this password contains at least 1 Uppercase letter, 1 Lowercase letter, 1 number and a special character.

After successfully adding your password you will be shown the screen below and be able to return to the 2mee Hologram creator app to login!

On your first login of the app you will be shown some simple help tips of how to use the app, below are examples of each of these.

Adjusting your camera offset

After you have looked through the help tips you will be taken to 'practice mode' to make your first recording. It is vital that while you're first in practice mode you click the face symbol top right of your screen and set your camera offset.

The camera offset ensures that you get the best segmentation possible for your hologram recordings. Once the offset is set for your device you will not need to do this again. Although should you need to do this again you would return to practice mode and click the face symbol top right of the screen again.

Recording Hologram Messages

Recording Requests

Recording requests will be assigned to you from the company online platform. You will be notified about any recording requests by email and via a push notification on your phone. Click on the notification to open up the app.

Each requests will appear in a separate tile on your 2mee hologram creator app home screen. Click on the tile to get started.

Recording Information

You can now see the recording due date and the script.

Click on the plus sign to open the option to record

Then click on the smiley face to open the camera screen


Hold the phone up in the “selfie” position and press the round record button at the bottom of the screen to start recording your holoPush message. For the best results you should face the light, avoid any light in the background and make sure you are at least 30cm away from any background walls or objects.

The Script can be viewed while recording, simply tap on the scroll symbol, to remove the script, just tap the scroll again.

Trimming your recording

Once you have recorded your take you can trim your recording to make sure that you get the best possible results.

To trim your recording scrub the slider to the left or right depending how much you want to trim your recording.

On the image below you can see that I have scrubbed the end point of my take to trim the end of the video.

Once you have played your recording and are happy with the new start/end points that have been trimmed, click the 'Done' button.

Submitting your recording

You can record up to five takes, Once you are happy with these takes press submit.

You recordings will be sent sent back to the administrators/content managers for review. The recordings will then be moved to the “In Review” section of the app, it will either be accepted or rejected by the content manager. If they have been accepted you have nothing left to do and you will receive a notification and email to let you know it has been accepted

If the recording have been rejected, you will receive another notification from the 2mee creator app to advise you that you the recordings have been rejected and you will need to record them again.


Edit Profile

To edit your profile, click on the settings button at the bottom right of the app.

Once in here click on edit my profile, this will take you to the profile screen. Within the profile screen you have the option to change your Name, Phone Number or Profile Picture.

Forgot password

If you have forgotten your password it's easy to get a new one. Just click on forgotten password on the login screen and follow the instructions.

Clearing the Cache

The 2mee Creator app stores recordings of faces within the cache of your device which can use up unnecessary memory on the device. To tackle this issue you can clear the cache from the setting settings page of the app.

Practice Mode

Once you have logged into the app, you can practice recording a Hologram message by clicking on the practice tab on the bottom right hand side of the app.

The camera screen will appear and you are ready to record. Please remember, For the best results you should face the light, avoid any light in the background and make sure you are at least 30cm away from any background walls or objects. Once you have finished recording, the recorded face message will land on your device within 10 seconds for you to see.

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