Getting Started

Creating a project

To create a project on the 2mee platform start by logging in to your account on the 2mee messaging platform. Once you are logged in you will need to click the ‘Create Project’ button to start creating a project.
You will then be asked to add a name and description to your project, please add both of these then choose the platform you want to configure. You can choose between the channels: iOS, Android or Web.
Once you have added all of your details and chosen the selected channel press 'Configure'
Here is a video example of how to add your app to the 2mee platform

Adding Your APNS Certificate or FCM Server key

- Upload your p12 Certificate
- Enter the APNS password
- Click Configure SDK
The flow for configuring your Android app is also similar to iOS, see the below steps for how to configure Android.
- Add your FCM server Key
- Add the FCM Project Number
- Configure SDK
Here is a video example of how to add your FCM server key or APNS certificate to your app on the 2mee platform
The configuration for a website is slightly different, the documentation for how to install the web2mee SDK can found here

Installing the SDK

Once you have added your .p12 certificate you will be given the option to download the 2mee SDK. You will be given an option of which SDK you would like to install:
React SDK - Used with iOS devices, see documentation
iOS SDK - Used with iOS devices, see documentation
Android SDK - Used with Android devices, see documentation
Once you have chosen your SDK, see the documentation for installing the 2mee SDK above

Exchange Keys & ID's

A secret key is generated on the exchange which should be given to your developer. Your developer must add this to the SDK for that specific app which then allows the app to have access to the exchange.
The client ID and Secret key will differ for every app meaning this is specific to each company and also each app for each company.
Here is a run through of how to gather your Exchange keys & ID's from the 2mee platform

Check Users

After you have installed the 2mee SDK on your iOS or Android device you will need to publish your app to testflight. Once the app is published you need to use the app with the SDK installed to gather a user/device count. After you have the SDK installed on an active device, please click the check users button so that 2mee can check the SDK is installed correctly and active.
Upon 2mee recognising that you have an active user/device the Finished installation button will appear for you to click and finish the installation the 2mee SDK.
Here is a video example of how to check the 2mee SDK is configured correctly with your application
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