Holo Library

Creating a Holo Library item

The holo library allows you to build up your recordings so that can be used in future campaigns. You can do this in two ways. When a recording comes back to be reviewed, you can save it to your library before scheduling the message. See how to review a recording.
This can also be done by going to Library - Holograms on the top navigation of the platform.
After navigating to the holo library you can start to create your library of holograms by clicking on the Create New Hologram button.
After clicking the create new hologram button you will be asked to choose the creator you would like to record your hologram. Once you have selected your creator you will need to add some additional information to give context to your recording. See Using the Creator App for how to record hologram messages
Once the creator has completed the recording, you can then review and add to your holo library.
To save the recording to your holo library, click on the message once it is ready to review and click the √ of the take you would like to proceed with. After clicking on the message you will have three options:
Save to Library - This will save the selected message to your holo library
Review Later - This will close the modal allowing you to review the recordings at a later date
Reject Submissions - If you reject the recordings, your creator will be sent a new notification asking them to retake (you can add your comments before sending)

Creating a message from a holo library item

Once you have created holo library items you can start to send these as messages to your users. To create a message from a holo library item simply click on the title of the holo library item
After you have clicked to select the holo library item you wish to send, you will be asked to confirm the selection. Upon confirming the selection a message will be created using the holo library item. See Sending a HoloPush for adding the audience, message details and then scheduling.

Adding a holo library item to a message

When creating a message on the 2mee platform you can attach a holo library item without having to access the holo library. To do this, navigate to messages using the top navigation and click the create a message button.
Select the Hologram tile
Then select Library Item on the left side of the hologram section. After selecting this it will bring up a smaller view of your holo library for you to select a recording. To select a recording please click the message title and confirm the selection.
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