Rest API

The 2Mee Exchange powers the world's only Human Hologram Messaging platform.

The primary function of the 2mee platform is to schedule the delivery of notifications to an audience. These notifications are delivered to the users of the published mobile application or website. Visit 2mee's website to onboard your company, or contact for any help.

After on-boarding your company on the 2mee Platform, you can create 2mee notifications, and schedule them for delivery to your users.

All the functionality provided by the API is also available through the 2mee exchange platform Web UI. Please visit the 2Mee documentation to get an idea of what 2mee lets you do!

  1. The information about your user-name and password created during the sign-up process.

  2. Your Email and Password from the sign-up process are required for fetching the

    authentication token. You - Get Auth Token. The token is used for accessing the 2mee APIs


  3. Company ID - Once on-boarded, gather your company information using the API - Find

    Company Information.

  4. Application ID - A 2mee HoloPush notification is delivered to the users of a mobile application. This mobile application is identified by an Application ID. You can list applications in your account by using List Applications under your login.

  5. Filter ID - Audience represents the users of your mobile application. You need to select the users from the audience that will receive the 2mee HoloPush notification. Filter ID identifies the audience that you want to address using 2mee HoloPush notification. You can list existing audience segments by using ListAudienceSegments API. A new Audience segment can also be created by using Create a New Audience segment.

Prerequisite section will elaborate the information that you need to collect before you start with coding 2mee APIs.

  1. Authorisation: The first thing you need to do is get the access token, use Get the authorisation token. An authorisation token is used in header of each API call, elaborated later in the documentation. The token guarantees that your APIs are secure.

  2. Create Audience: Use Create an audience, to create an audience segment which will include the selected users you intend to receive the HoloPush message. An Audience segment is identified by a Filter-ID.

  3. Create 2mee HoloPush Notification for Delivery: A 2mee HoloPush notification can be a standard text notification or a HoloPush notification.

    1. The standard text notification has options of including rich media like Images, Videos or Audio. Refer to notification/upload API. Text Notifications can also be updated from notification/update API.

    2. The HoloPush notification is a hologram recording. To schedule, create, review and approve a hologram recording requires a workflow. This workflow works on a hologram Job. An approved hologram recording becomes a HoloPush notification by adding message notification details after accepting the Job by notification/Add API and can be scheduled like any other notification.

  4. Schedule Notification: 2mee Notifications can reach you audience in two ways:

    1. Immediately Scheduled using Schedule Now to deliver the message instantly.

    2. Scheduled for a later date and time using Schedule Later

  5. Message Delivery: The specified time, the message is delivered to the selected audience.

  6. Check Reports: The 2mee platform captures statistics on message delivery, these reports can be accessed using Report's API.

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