2mee links allow you to add a hologram to your landing page while creating a shortened link. Links can be used to direct users to your landing page without having to send the long URL.

Creating a 2mee Short URL

To start creating links, navigate to the Library page then click the sub-heading Links.

Now click the 'Create 2mee Short URL' button

You will first be asked to select one of your previously created Capsules, if you don't have any capsules created you will need to create a capsule before proceeding.

For more information on how to create a Capsule, please see Capsule documentation

After selecting your capsule you will be asked to create a Loader. Here you will need to add a title for your loader and also a colour gradient which the hologram will be displayed on top of.

A loader will be used in cases where a user has poor internet connection causing the hologram to take longer than usual to load onto your landing page.

Once you have created your loader you will then need to input the Title, Landing page URL and UserID.

Link Name - A Title for your short link which is used to identify the link on the 2mee platform.

Landing Page URL - The URL where the selected hologram will be displayed (This page must have the 2mee webSDK installed).

UserID - A unique ID given to the short link which allows you to understand what user the link has been sent to (If the link is sent to multiple users this is best kept blank).

You also have the option to set the position of the hologram on the landing page, by default this will appear in the bottom right hand corner.

Once you have input all of the required details, click the 'Create Short URL' button.

A 2mee short URL will then be displayed at the bottom of the page.

You can now copy and paste this URL to use in email campaigns, SMS messages or to just generally send to any contacts/groups of contacts.

2mee Short URL Reports

To view reports for a specific link, go to the links section of the 2mee platform then click the report button shown on the link listing.

A report will then be displayed which gives you an overview of how many impressions, plays and clicks the page/hologram has received.

From this report you can see the details of your URL, how many users have seen your Hologram, played your Hologram or clicked the link for your message. You also get a preview of what the message looked like for the end user on your website.

Report Definitions

Impression - A count of all users that have clicked the URL and seen your Hologram, these users may of dismissed the hologram.

Play - The total number of users who have played the Hologram.

Play% - Number of users who played the hologram / Number of users who have seen the hologram

Clicks - The total number of users who have followed the external link added to your Hologram (If no link is added this will not be shown on the message report)

CTR% (Click Through Rate) - The number of users who have clicked the message / The number of users who have played the message

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