Configuring HoloWeb Messages

To set up HoloWeb messages via the 2mee platform start by selecting the project you wish to use and navigating to the settings page for this projects. Once you are within the settings page, select Web Push to start configuring.
You will then be asked to input your website URL that 2mee Hologram messages will be sent to once configured by your developer.
This URL is only used for the message preview on the 2mee platform.The 2mee SDK can be added to any pages of your website, not just this URL.
Once you have added the URL that your HoloWeb messages will land on you will be given a piece of code which should be inserted into the <head> of your website. You may need to contact your website developer to add this code, see WebSDK Installation docs for help with this.
WebSDK Example code
After the code is added to your website by either yourself or your developer, you will be ready to start sending HoloWeb messages to your website users by clicking the finished installation button.
If you would like to change the website that is currently configured click the 'Remove Website Configuration' Button. By clicking this it will take you back to the start of the configuration flow, allowing you to re-add the website you would like to configure.

Sending a HoloWeb Message

To start sending a HoloWeb message click on the 'Create New Message' button within the HoloWeb section of the 2mee platform.


You can now either choose a Holo Library item to send or ask one of your Creators to record a human hologram message for you.

Holo Library

If you will be choosing a hologram library item simply find the hologram library item you would like to use by filtering or searching. Once you have found the item you would like to use simply click the title of the holo library item to select this and attach it to your message.

Creator Recording

If you will be using one of your creator app users to record a message please select the Holo Push option.
After selecting Holo Push you will be asked to provide some details of the message you require recording from your creator. See below for descriptions of each input option
Title - The title of the job.
Description - A short description of the job.
Delivery - This is the date that you want the 2mee notification to be delivered to your audience. This ensures that the recording is sent back to you to review in good time.
Campaign Tags - Campaign tags are added to every message. You can add as many tags as you like that link the job to certain campaigns, this will enable you to measure how successful your campaigns have been over a period of time.
Select Creator - This is the person who will be recording the message for you i.e Brand Manager, Company representative, Brand Ambassador. These can be added to your platform from the "manage user" area.
Creator Deadline - This is when the recording should be sent back to you by.
Your "creator" will receive a notification in their 2mee recording app as well as an email to inform them that they have received a new request of a recording from you. When the recording has been done, you will receive a email informing you that the recording is ready to be reviewed. See our documentation on reviewing recordings


Now you have chosen either your holo library item or selected a creator recording, you can start to select which pages of your website the Hologram will land on.
You will be able to select from two options
Global Message - This will send the message to every page of your website or where each topic is added
Topics Message - This will send the message to the pages you select where a topic has been added to your website code, see topics documentation for adding topics
Your topics will be automatically shown in the columns available to select once added to your website code by your developer. You are able to select as many topics as you would like, the message will then be sent to the pages that each of these topics are placed on.
Topics are a great way of sending messages to different groups of users who may be interested in different topics
For example, you could add topics to each of the football pages on your website - Send to the Football topic - All users who view the football pages will see the message. Users who therefore do not view football pages on your website will not be shown these messages which may not be relevant to them.
You now have the option to choose how your hologram will look to your end website user. 2mee have delivered two styles of hologram playback, the hologram appearing on top of a banner and the original playback of the hologram appearing on its own with simply just a play button.
If you would like to use the banner, click the 'Use banner' switch.
When using the banner you have multiple customisation options, here are the details of each of these options:
Colour Gradient - Select the two colours you would like to use as your banner background
Banner colour text light - Select if the banner should appear light or dark
Title - The title shown on your banner
Message - The message shown on your banner
Tap to play 'use icon' - Select if a play button or icon will be placed on the hologram
Play icon size - Select between the different sizes of play icon available
Offer button - The text that appears on your offer button
Offer button 'on banner' - Select if the offer button appears on the banner or on the hologram as a CTA
If you don't want to use the banner, de-select the 'Use banner' switch.
The customisation options are much simpler if you choose not to use the banner. Details of these can be found below:
Tap to play 'use icon' - Select if a play button or icon will be placed on the hologram
Play icon size - Select between the different sizes of play icon available
Offer button - The text that appears on your offer button

Message Details

You can now add your message details. Web messages don't require the same details as a HoloPush message so you will see much less options to input here.
Below is a brief description of each input option
Title - The Holo Web title is used to differentiate it in the message listings, the end user does not see this
Start Time - The chosen start time is when users can start to see your message on your website or the chosen topic pages
Expiry Time - The expiry time is when users will no longer be able to see your message on your website or the chosen topic pages
Launch External URL - The URL a user will be directed to when clicking the link button on the web message playback, this will open an external web page
Web Preview - A preview of your message on the chosen website, this link can be changed to other web pages or a screenshot can be uploaded if your website is unavailable
Now you have added all of the details to your message you are ready to publish this message for your website users. You also have the option to save your message as a draft and publish this at a later date, or cancel the message which will delete all of the added information and hologram

HoloWeb Reporting

You are able to see reports for any Active or Expired HoloWeb messages you have created. This can be done by navigating to either the Active or Expired section and clicking on the message you would like to see a report for.
Once you have selected your message you will see a report like below
Example HoloWeb Report
From this report you can see the details of your message, how many users have played your message, seen your message or clicked the link for your message. You also get a preview of what the message looked like for the end user on your website.

Report Definitions

Impression - A count of all users that have seen your HoloWeb message, these users may of dismissed your message
Play - The total number of users who have played your HoloWeb message
Play% - Number of users who played the hologram / Number of users who have seen the hologram
Clicks - The total number of users who have followed the external link added to your HoloWeb message (If no link is added this will not be shown on the message report)
CTR% (Click Through Rate) - The number of users who have clicked the message / The number of users who have played the message