2mee Platform Releases

Check in here to find information on all of the new cool updates we will be bringing or have brought to the 2mee platform!


We are excited to announce that we have gone live with our brand new 2mee Face Exchange coming out of Beta. We have been developing the 2mee exchange for some time now and version 1.0 is ready for public use after rigorous testing.

Campaign Tags

With the introduction of campaign tags we now allow for dynamic tagging of messages, allowing you, the marketeer to group and filter messages according to the campaign you are working on.

Campaign tags are added when you create the holoPush Message, and can be edited at any time during the creation process.

Once the holoPush message has been delivered, it is simple to search, group and identify messages for analysis.

Updated UI

After months of work we are also pleased to announce a new sleeker user interface and experience. At all times the holoPush Message is central to how you work, with easy creation and editing of your messages. With quick access to searching and reports on those jobs previously sent to your user base.


We are constantly working on improving our products and services. Below is a brief summary of all of the new exciting features we have been working on recently and are now live.

Text and Rich Media

holoPush Messaging is powerful, personal and engaging – we love them, you love them. But we also know there are times when you may wish to send a standard text or rich media notification. Now you can send standard messages directly from within the 2mee platform. When you create a message simply choose between ‘Face’ and ‘Standard’ and receive the same detailed reporting as you do with holoPush Messages.

Updated UI

We are constantly looking to evolve the user experience. This release includes a new sleeker user interface that removes modal windows and introduces a simple step-by-step method to create Face and Standard messages.

You will notice that we have give some love and attention to the job reports to simplify the at-a-glance view to give you a simple summary view.

Head/Shoulders/Torso Options

There may be times when you want your end user to see more than just a face, you may wish to enhance the perspective by including shoulders, or for example you may wish to go further and include logos on a shirt. We are extremely excited to announce that you can now extend the dynamic segmentation so you choose whether to record just the face, extend to the shoulders or to even include the torso! Select the Face, Shoulder or Torso when you create the job and the creator app will dynamically record the actor with the chosen amount of segmentation.

Along with the exciting new features and slicker user experience enhancements we have also been tinkering under the hood to ensure that we match the industry best with our throughputs. We now deliver messages at lightning speeds of up to 300,000 per minute!


We are constantly working on improving our products and services. Below is a brief summary of all of the new exciting features that are now live.

CSV Reporting

We have made improvements to the CSV reporting which will improve how users read and analyse data from a message report. We now show a summary of user status at the end of each week, which now means you can see the weekly total for:

  • holoPush notification users

  • text only users

  • opted out users.

The new data exported will help you to analyse how your user-base has altered over time. You can see an example below of how this will look (dates will be weekly compared to dummy data in this example screenshot).

Deleting company users within your organisation

We have now allowed administrators the ability to delete content managers or creators from the platform. Administrators will find additional controls under Manage Users. The creator app and 2mee platform have now defaulted to presenter mode for all recordings. Users can now only create recordings from the 2mee platform in presenter mode which will then be sent to the 2mee creator app to be recorded as a presenter.

Improve Audience Filters: SDK Version

We have added extra filters into the audience section allowing you to target audience members based on the SDK version installed. This will allow for the ability to filter based on the features you wish to allow.


We are excited to announce that version 1.3 of the 2mee platform is now available! The team at 2mee have been working hard on enhancements to the platform and the quality of the Human Hologram messages. You will notice that the platform looks different than the last time you logged in, we have made these changes to enable our new features. Below is a brief summary of all the exciting new features in this release. If you wish to know more please contact us at support@2mee.com

Hologram Stock Library

We have added a the function of a Hologram library to the 2mee platform. You can now can save all of your best or favourite holoPush messages to send again.

High Definition HoloPush Messages

We have enhanced our hologram recording and segmentation so that all users of the 2mee creator app can now record in HD making the quality of your messages even better than before!


We're happy to share the latest 2mee release version 1.4 covering the whole 2mee platform — our latest release explores new users and user interface improvements, creating the best user experience available from any push notification platform.

Developer Access

We have been busy creating a brand new user login for developers. This means you can invite your developer to configure your 2mee platform and work on your 2mee platform when needed in a safe secure manner.

UI Improvements

Lots of improvements have been made to the user interface to make the sign up and message creation processes easier. We believe that the user interface is now as simple as possible to create HoloPush messages within minutes!

Architecture Improvements

Our developers have been hard at work improving the speed we can deliver push notifications to your users. We have made changes to our batching and processing to now be able to deliver 35,000 Messages per second!


We're happy to share the latest 2mee release version 1.5 covering the whole 2mee platform — our latest release explores message delivery speeds and processes along with some subtle user interface changes.

Architecture Improvements

Our developers have been working hard on balancing the message through-put and the resources required to achieve the optimal message through-put. Our system has the capacity to send messages at the rate of 35k/second via our now improved scaling service.

UI Improvements

Improvements have been made to the user interface making the HoloLibrary search and sort options much easier. The user interface now makes it simple to find the exact HoloPush item you want to create a HoloPush message within minutes!


We're happy to share the latest 2mee release version 1.5.1 covering some small UI changes and bugs on the 2mee platform — our latest release explores user sign up, some subtle UI changes and small bug fixes.

UI Improvements

We have created a new way for users to sign up to the 2mee platform, this can be seen at exchange.2mee.com. We have also taken a look at our user interface to make improvements all around the exchange along with fixing some small bugs.

Architecture Improvements

Our developers have been working on improving our backend code to make sure the platform runs as quick and smooth as possible. We have also being improving our code for new upcoming features, be sure to check out future releases for details of these!


We're happy to share the latest 2mee release version 1.5.2 covering user roles, UI improvements and some small bugs on the 2mee platform.​

Test Users

To give you the easiest way to test your 2mee platform and SDK we have introduced Test Users. Any user in your 2mee audience can be marked as a test user. These users are then grouped into a segment which you can deliver test HoloPush messages to quickly and easily! Test users also stops you accidentally sending test messages to any live users!​​

UI Improvements

Lots of improvements have been made to the user interface making the platform simpler and easier to use. These improvements should help you navigate around the platform much quicker and easier than before!


We're happy to share the latest 2mee release version 1.6 covering the whole 2mee platform but mainly new ways of sending hologram messages — our latest release explores Web Hologram messages (beta), Auto Hologram messages and some UI improvements.

Web Hologram Messages

We are excited to introduce Web Hologram messages (beta) which we have been working on for a long time! Users of the 2mee platform can now integrate there website using some simple code to start sending Hologram messages to their website user base!

Auto Hologram Messages (Slots)

Our developers have been working hard to create a way that your users can automatically receive Hologram messages based on events. These events can be, a specific time, first install, app open, specific button press, time inactive - These can all be setup very simply on the 2mee platform and with your devs. Then leave the platform to automatically send these Hologram messages to your users once one of these events happen!

UI Improvements

Lots of improvements have been made to the user interface making the platform simpler and easier to use. These improvements should help you navigate around the platform much quicker and easier than before!


A/B Testing

When it comes to marketing, it’s hard to predict which of your ideas will deliver the highest ROI. No more guesswork, we are pleased to announce that A/B testing on the 2mee platform. Now you can test which message delivers the greatest results to two small audience segments, and then send the winning version on to the rest of your audience. Create and send different versions of a push notification to understand which one is more relevant and leads to more conversions. And, of course, have the ability to compare Hologram messages against each other or compare Hologram messages against text or rich media messages!


We have all seen the amazing Click Through Rate % uplift that the 2mee Holograms have been delivering across an app, and more recently via the website. Now deliver Holograms via SMS through our newly launched channel.

Simply add your Twillio account details to our platform and you will be set to send an SMS that drives traffic to your website or app and then play a bespoke personalised Hologram.

You can even personalise the SMS to the customer, and view reports on a device-by-device basis.

Message Templates

Templates are reusable designs and content for HoloPush and HoloWeb notifications. Templates can be easily edited to work across multiple campaigns. Now there is no longer a need to rework your push messages every single time; simply create a template for your Hologram or text message that can be reused over and over again. A super powerful way to automate your message requirements in conjunction with our powerful API and A/B testing tools.


Application Dashboard

Everyone wants to know how well their campaigns are performing, if they are achieving the best click-through rates possible, or if certain platforms have more engagement than others. With the new 2mee App Dashboard you can see all of your metrics across every platform and message type at a glance when opening your app! You will have the ability to see which campaigns perform best, drop-offs or increases in your active users and view all historical data across every platform. This information should help improve your messaging campaigns and deliver the best results possible!

Capsule Reporting

We have seen how well capsules are working on customers' websites and thought that the reporting around capsules needs to match how good they are! You can now see all of your top-performing capsules across certain date periods and the total/average statistics for all of these when viewing the Capsule section of the 2mee platform. We hope that this information will help improve your plays, impressions and clicks statistics by editing capsules that may not be performing or adding capsules to your website that are performing.


Improved Reporting Metrics

When it comes to reporting, the more statistics we can deliver to the marketeer the better. The 2mee platform now dives deeper into your campaigns giving you Engagement% and CTC% (Click through Conversion) for your Web and Capsule messages.

These extra metrics allow you to see further where your customers drop off, how the hologram engages a user compared to text or how the hologram converts users compared to a text message.

The 2mee platform shows you both of these conversion % in simple to understand pie charts. You can see a user's journey plus where the user dropped off via each pie chart.

HoloAd™ Banners

We have all seen the amazing Engagement % uplift that the 2mee Holograms have been delivering across the web. Now deliver Holograms on a banner to gain your user's attention even more! Simply update to the latest 2mee WebSDK for the option to display a hologram on a banner, or not, if you like the original way. You can even personalise the banner's background colour and text to deliver some context around the hologram before the user plays.

Audience Behaviour Overview

Finding out how your audience interacts with your app is the key to delivering content to retain your user base.

2mee has created a new overview of your audience which gives detailed statistics on your total subscribers, how often your app is opened, how long users use your app, plus a breakdown of which days your app is interacted with most!

All of this information will allow you to further understand the best times to target your audience with human hologram messages.

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