Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most asked questions from the users of the 2mee platform. If you ever want t ask any questions that aren't on here feel free to contact us at any time.

2mee Platform FAQ

How do I generate an iOS Push Certificate?

To generate a Push Certificate please follow the steps bellow:‌

1. Open your Keychain Access on your Mac OS X system. It will be located within Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access‌

2. Then select Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority ‌

3. Select Save to disk and enter your information within the required fields. This also will create a certificate request file that can be used anytime later.

What are the user roles in the 2mee platform?

The different roles for users within the 2mee platform can be seen below;

Administrator - The administrator has overall access to the platform. The administrator can invite Content Managers and Artists. The administrator can also remove users from the platform and change the passwords of users.

Content Manager - The content manager is the person who can create a recording job for the creator, manages these recordings and schedules the final holoPush message. They can also edit details of any creator and remove any creator from the 2mee platform.

Creator - The creator only has access to the recording app. They can only record holoPush jobs that have been sent to them by the content manager.

I am unable to add a creator onto the 2mee platform?

To add a new creator into the 2mee Messaging Platform you must have administrator access. Only the overall administrator of the platform has access to do this.

Please contact your administrator to add a new creator to your organisation.

Invalid Push certificate added?

If you receive a BadCertificate error from Apple this means that you have an issue with the current push certificate linked to your App. This is usually because Apple have expired, revoked or made your certificate invalid.

Please take a look within at your certificate to fix this matter.

Why do I have X amount of unreachable devices?

On the 2mee holo messaging platform devices may become unreachable to send push notifications too due to a couple of things.

The device may of uninstalled the app so Apple have marked the device token as unreachable due to the device token being removed from the 2mee platform. Apple also may of invalidated the device tokens from their side, this is out of our control and we cannot retrieve why they may of done this for certain devices.

Mismatched bundle ID?

You will see a Mismatched Bundle ID error when Apple returns a DeviceTokenNotForTopic error. This simply means that your app's bundle ID in Xcode is different to your push certificate's bundle ID.

To fix this issue please update your bundle ID in Xcode to match the bundle ID of the push certificate you have uploaded or generate and upload a new push certificate file that matches your Xcode bundle ID.

Why do we have a delivered event in reporting but the device did not receive the push notification?

Depending on the state of the device a push notification may not land on the device. Lots of issues could arise on the device that stop the 2mee holoPush message from being delivered, these could be:

  • Notifications haven't been allowed for both HoloPush and text push notifications

  • Weak WiFi or 4G/3G signal

  • Low battery power

This is all done via Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) so we can only say what we believe may be an issue but APNS may have other issues out of our control.

Why do some reports appear in sent messages up to 3 days later?

All of the reports for the holo messaging platform are fed back to us via APNS (Apple Push Notification Service).

This does mean that sometimes the reporting via APNS can be slower at certain times. This could also be due to the device not reporting back to APNS as quick due to issues, which then means this slows down the process of APNS gathering the reports to distribute them back to the Face messaging platform.

We would recommend if your reports haven't updated for all devices within 3 days then please contact and we will look into your reporting troubles.

How can I trigger a message?

Messages can be triggered using HoloCapsules, please refer to the Holocapsule documentation

Creator App FAQ

Creator App - Job not showing in app?

As a content manager, you have to assign a job to your creator, you need to give the creator a deadline for when the recording should be sent back to you. If the creator does not record this job and send it back before the deadline, the job will disappear from their app.

The creator will have received 3 reminders before the job is removed from their app, 48 hours before, 24 hours before and 1 hour before the due date.

The content manager will also receive these email reminders in order to manage the job.

If the job was not recorded and the deadline missed, the content manager will need to log into the platform and change the due date in order for it to appear in the creator app again.


What access do you need to our IT?

The Face Messaging SDK is extremely simple to integrate and is supplied with easy to follow documentation. However, if support is required on the installation then our team of advisors are on hand to guide your IT dept at all times.

What data does the 2mee SDK collect?

The 2mee SDK collects data in multiple ways which can be automatic, manual or by asking the user for permission.



First Session Time

Date & time the user first used the app / visited the website

Last Session Time

Date & time the user most recently used the app / visited the website

Device OS

Operating system of the device / browser

Device Language

The language the device / browser reports

SDK Version

SDK version present in users device

Time Zone

The most recent time zone the device was in

Only by position


The most recent country the device was in

Only by position

Why has a user never received fallback text when they are subscribed to receive Hologram Notifications?

There are some instances when this could happen. When a holoPush notification is delivered, but the device is unable to download the holoPush message video, the fallback text is shown instead of the holoPush message.

This text is defined by the content manager in the Exchange.

A failure to download the file may be due to a number of things, poor signal or users device settings. Settings on the phone or in the app can restrict background fetch of files.

If the device is low on resource, then iOS determines the strategy of displaying a notification. If the app is used regularly then it does take priority.

Users are having delays in receiving notifications?

There are many issues that could cause notifications to be delivered to users devices after the scheduled time set. The main issues that cause this are:

  1. Weak or poor internet connectivity, some wifi routers may cause iOS notification delivery delays

  2. Or if Low Power Mode is enabled. If within Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode is enabled, this will reduce the speed of which notifications are received to the device or it could turn them off completely

What happens if a push is sent to an unregistered device or an expired device token?

If a device is unregistered or the device token for that device has expired they will not be able to receive push notifications from the 2mee holo messaging platform.

For this device to receive push notifications once again they may need to do one of the following steps:

  • Delete your app and reinstall to trigger a new device token

  • Register with the app

Will the target audience need to download a new (2mee) App?

No. 2mee’s technology is an SDK (Software Development Kit) that simply integrates within the Clients app. Once your app is submitted to the app store and users download you are ready to receive Face Messages.


How large are the web files/will this slow down my website?

The average size of a 10second web message is between 2.5MB and 6MB. This will not cause any issues to your website or any users who are viewing your website.

Its just the same as Zoom blurring out the background?

No, we put people in your context, when you see zoom you see the person still in their room, when you use 2mee holograms we remove the person from the background and put them in your context.

I'm on Wix platform, will the web SDK work?

As Wix websites are built slightly different we have created a method for adding Holograms to your Wix website. The method uses HoloCapsules within an iFrame and cannot use broadcast web messages like other websites.

Please refer to our iFrame integration documentation for more information.


What is E.164 format?

2mee (and Twilio) requires phone numbers to be in the E.164 format. E.164 is the international standard that defines the format for phone numbers. This format requires only digits along with a country code (1 to 3 digits) and a phone number (max 12 digits). Typically, it looks like this:

  • + (plus sign)

  • country code

  • area code

  • phone number

Here is an example of a UK phone number:

  • Phone Number: 020 9999 9999

  • E.164 format: +442099999999

Here is an example of a US phone number:

  • Phone Number: 999 999 9999

  • E.164 format: +19999999999

Do I have to use Twilio for sending SMS messages?

Currently 2mee only supports sending SMS via Twilio, you will need a Twilio account with sufficient balance to send SMS from the 2mee platform.

If you would like to use another SMS provider please contact 2mee directly to discuss this.

What is GSM-7 and UCS-2 encoding?

SMS messages are always encoded in GSM-7 or UCS-2. GSM-7 encoding supports the use of numbers, English alphabet, and also special characters. A list of GSM-7 supported characters can be found Twilio.

What is the SMS character limit?

The character limit for a single SMS message is 160 characters if using GSM-7 encoding and if using UCS-2 encoding 70 characters is the limit. Most modern phones and networks support message creation up to 1600 characters, these are the broken down into smaller single SMS messages.

If you send an SMS that is longer than 160 GSM-7 characters or 70 UCS-2 characters, the message will be split into multiple SMS messages. If the message is split, Twilio then uses six bytes to re-assemble the data header. Each message segment then only has 153 GSM-7 characters or 67 UCS-2 characters. Additional details on how Twilio handles the SMS character limit can be found here.

Twilio also provides users with a message length calculator, this can be found here.

What is an alphanumeric senderID?

An Alphanumeric sender ID is used in the From field of a message, instead of using an E.164 phone number. These are preferred for branded one-way messaging where you can use the custom string as per your business branding. Note: Alphanumeric sender IDs are only supported in some countries. Check out Twilio documentation for a list of countries that support Alphanumeric senderIDs.

Why do some SMS messages have delays on delivery?

When sending SMS messages from the 2mee platform you may notice delays in your audience receiving the SMS. Some network carriers delay the delivery of SMS, please take a look at Twilio Messaging Delivery Delays Documentation for more information.

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