Before starting with APIs get the API key and information about the application from which the notifications are sent.


API Key is used as a security credential for your API session. It can be retrieved by visiting the API Key section of your profile.

The API Key guarantees that your APIs are secure.

  1. Click on Profile picture visible on the top right corner of the screen. Select Profile.

2. Navigate to API Key as shown below. Create an API key (if not present) and note the value.

3. The API key will be used to secure all the API calls. This API key needs to be set in the header, for all other APIs as:

Authorization: Bearer<API Key >

Application ID

Application Id will be used to identify the application with 2Mee SDK.

Application Id can be picked up by clicking on the view icon present on the bottom right corner as shown in the below Screenshot. Copy the Application Id as it will be required by most of the 2mee APIs.

Company ID

Company ID will be used for checking the reports.

Find the company ID by following steps.

  1. Click on the profile icon/picture. Select Profile.

  2. Navigate to API Token present below profile picture and check for the company ID present above the API Token.

With these 3 pieces of information handy, let us move to the Basic API documentation. This is the set of basic APIs that enable you to create messages and send notifications to the intended users of the application.

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