iOS SDK Releases

Below is a list of all releases/versions of the iOS SDK that have been released by 2mee.


The SDK now supports direct open of an external web page on acceptance of a notification. The 2mee Exchange determines the link. The default behaviour is to allow the SDK to open the browser without calling the accept action block. There is a settings option, kOpenExternalURLAutomatically, to allow the SDK to take control full control of the way the __openExternalURL key is handled. See the Custom Settings section.Changed


The __openExternalURL key was mis-spelt with a capital in the documentation.


Bug fix for very long text message. Added large image/video view when image/video view in dialog touched (no developer changes required).


Bug fix: Only when displaying a content extension while in the app (on top of app), a sec- ond notification using the same content extension arriving while view the extension, would attempt to use the current content extension. This is perhaps an iOS feature, but it is strange that the feature only happens if content extension is called from a notification that is touched while in the app and behaves differently when touched in the notification center. In practice this would only affect users when notification are send very close together (as when testing!).

Fixed Exchange report bug. Reported play twice and issues with engaged.


Bug fix: “Missed opportunity” label was under video in content extension in expired notification.

Bug fix: __openExternalURL did not trigger external URL if force touch was used to open a notification that a face message.

Feature: Improved reporting to exchange.


iOS 13 fix deviceToken corrupted in iOS 13.

V 1.0.14 Cocoa Pods

Podfile release. Recommended method of using framework is via Pod.

V 1.0.15 Bug Fix. New Features

Fix for Reachability. Rare crash event fix.

Added methods to test both UNNotification and UNNotificationResponse to check if they contain Appear2mee messages. Added methods to obtain key-values pairs from both UNNotification and UNNotificationResponse that are Appear2mee messages

V 1.0.16 Tap Dismiss Added

The face dialog will now be dismissed using a single tap outside the face area, as well as the original swipe delete.

V 1.0.17 Added isAppear2meeUserInfo

Added method to enable test of userInfo in a notification to determine if it is a message from the 2mee Exchange.

V 1.0.18 Can use H265 video

Downloads of a face video will use an h265 version, if the device supports H265, and a h265 version is available.

Support for iOS 8 has been removed as build tools no longer support iOS 8.

V 1.0.19 Auto Dismiss Face Messages

Face messages notifications played within an App will automatically dismiss at the end of the play. The default delay after play ends is 5 seconds. The default delay can be changed using the kAppear2meeFaceAlertDismissTime in the setting default dictionary.

V 1.1.0 Get Message

The SDK adds capability of pulling a named message to display in App.

Note: breaking change. The initWithID no longer requires the server as an argument.

V 1.1.1 Location Service

The SDK now supports sending location data to the 2mee Exchange see Location Services.

V 1.1.2 Bug fix

User with no localization country could cause crash.

V 1.1.3 Bug fix

A getMessage (for example a welcome message) call before the app had registered with the 2mee Exchange could cause crash.

V 1.1.4 Added Reporting

An extra report is sent by the service extension, to allow data return from users who do not open their app when notification is sent.

V 1.1.5 Activity bug fix

Fixed a bug that stopped activity data being sent.

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