Creating a HoloPush

To get started you will need to create a job for your chosen creator to record. Your creator can be invited from the platform, see How to manage users to invite a creator app user.

You can also choose a pre-recording from your Holo library

Click on the red button "create new message"

Select the Hologram tile

Start completing the details of the recording that you require from your chosen "creator"

Title - The title of the job.

Description - A short description of the job.

Delivery - This is the date that you want the 2mee notification to be delivered to your audience. This ensures that the recording is sent back to you to review in good time.

Campaign Tags - Campaign tags are added to every message. You can add as many tags as you like that link the job to certain campaigns, this will enable you to measure how successful your campaigns have been over a period of time.

Select Creator - This is the person who will be recording the message for you i.e. Brand Manager, Company representative, Brand Ambassador. These can be added to your platform from the "manage user" area.

Creator Deadline - This is the date when the recording should be sent back to you by the creator.

Creator Script - This is the script that will be delivered to your creator's 2mee application

Your "creator" will receive a notification in their 2mee recording app as well as an email to inform them that they have received a new request for a recording from you. When the recording has been done, you will receive an email informing you that the recording is ready to be reviewed.

You can update your creator deadline by sending a nudge, this will send an email to the creator and update the deadline to the next day

Reviewing Recordings

When the creator has completed the recording and submitted it, the content manager will receive an email to inform them. They can then log into the platform and review each recording.

You can click on the Tile to view and hear each of the recordings, or you can reject all the recordings by clicking the 'reject submission' button.

If you reject the recordings, your creator will be sent a new notification asking them to record their holograms again

Once you have accepted the recording you will then need to select a frame to be shown on the notification preview for both iOS and Android. Use the frame slider to move between different frames, selecting the frame you think will be best to use.

By accepting the recording you can now get ready to select your audience and schedule your message.


You can segment your devices so that only certain users can receive messages. For example, you may wish to send a message to a certain demographic, or to devices within a geographical area.

You can create an audience segment based on device information (such as OS, Location, and device model) or based on the information you may wish to provide from your CRM or TAGS.

Or instead of using an audience segment, you can upload a CSV file with your user's UserIDs.

To upload your CSV, click on the upload CSV section.

Once you are within the Upload CSV Section, click Upload CSV to choose your file. Clicking upload CSV will take you to your computer’s file system to choose the file you would like to upload. Select the .CSV file and click the Upload CSV button.

Below is an example of the file format that should be used when uploading CSV files. UserIDs should be added with a comma separating each of these

You can also see previously uploaded CSV files, you can either select one of these again or you can download a specific CSV file




HoloPush Title


HoloPush Sub Title

Supported on iOS and Android mobile apps

HoloPush Body

Required for all platforms

HoloPush Action Text

Call to Action (CTA) Required

Fallback Text: Title

Required. Will show if HoloPush fails

Fallback Text: Sub Title

Required. Will show if HoloPush fails

Fallback Text: Body

Required. Will show if HoloPush fails

Campaign Tags

Add to analyse later

Launch External URL

The URL a user will be directed when clicking the push. Will open the web page or an in-app browser on Mobile Apps.

Additional Data (key-value)

Deep Linking with Additional Data should be used if you only have Mobile Apps setup (no website) and do not want to open the URL within an in-app web view.

HoloPush Expiry Time

Time the notification is valid for. Can be set to minutes, hours or days


You can schedule a notification up to 30 days in advance, or you can click on the 'Schedule Notification Now' button to start bundling and sending the notification as soon as possible.

Here is a run through of how to schedule a HoloPush message on the 2mee platform

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