HoloCapsules are areas where you can store a hologram message from your library. You can then trigger a HoloCapsule to play on your app or website based on an event: specific time, first install, app open, specific button press, time inactive etc.
For example you may wish to play a "Welcome to my website" Hologram message. Create a HoloCapsule, load in the message from the library and call from your app or website.
But, wait a moment, do you want to change the Hologram message? Not a problem, simply choose a new replacement message from the library to your HoloCapsule and the next time your website is loaded the user will see the new Hologram message.

Creating a HoloCapsule

To start creating a HoloCapsule use the top navigation bar to navigate to the HoloCapsule section of the platform.
After navigating to HoloCapsule you can start to create your HoloCapsule by clicking on the Create HoloCapsule button.
After clicking the Create HoloCapsule button you will be asked to add a title and description to your HoloCapsule. Please make sure your title is unique as no two HoloCapsules can have the same title.
Once you have added your title and description to your HoloCapsule you will then need to choose a hologram from your Holo Library. The hologram you choose will be sent to all users upon the sending of a slot, you can also change this hologram at any time.
After your hologram has been chosen you can then add the details of your message which will be sent to users upon the sending of the HoloCapsule. The message details are the same as what is used in the sending a HoloPush documentation.
You are now able to save your HoloCapsule and make this live. Once your HoloCapsule has become live it will need to be configured by your developers to start sending messages to your app users devices and your website, please see the documentation for adding an inline or event HoloCapsule.
Here is an example of how a HoloCapsule is created on the 2mee platform

Editing a HoloCapsule Hologram

The hologram attached to a HoloCapsule can be changed at any time, to do this simply choose the HoloCapsule you would like to change the hologram for by clicking on the HoloCapsule name.
Once you have chosen the HoloCapsule you would like to change the hologram for click the Change Holo button
A modal will then pop up with all of your Holo library items. You can then choose which hologram you would like to change to by clicking the Holo Library items title, then clicking confirm on the next modal.

Editing HoloCapsule message details

The message details that will be sent to the end users device or shown on your website can be changed at any time. To change these simply choose the HoloCapsule you would like to change the message details for.
Once you are within the chosen HoloCapsule you can edit all of the message details shown here by simply editing each of these fields, then clicking the save HoloCapsule button.

HoloCapsule Reports

Viewing your HoloCapsule report

To view your HoloCapsule reports simply click the Graph icon which can be found on the top left of each HoloCapsule, see below for an example of this.
The reports for your HoloCapsule gives you information collected from your users device or website plays, below gives you a better understanding of what each of these statistics are:
Total Messages - This is the total amount of messages that have been downloaded to an end users device/app or your website
Clicks - This is the total amount of times users have clicked your message after it has downloaded on their device

Report History

We store a history reports for your HoloCapsule, when the hologram attached to your HoloCapsule is changed we will create a new entry in the HoloCapsule message history. The history of reports then corresponds to the time period the hologram was attached to your HoloCapsule. Once this hologram is changed a new report will be created, the old report will then be complete and ready to view in your HoloCapsule reports.
You can use the dropdown menu to choose reports for each of the past holograms you have had attached to the current HoloCapsule.
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