Python example

Sample code in python on who to use the 2Mee APIs.
Please make sure to obtain the below values from UI as directed
1.API key which is required for API calls in Authorization: Bearer<API Key > format. 2.Application Id. and substitute these values for token, app_id.
import time
import logging
import requests
import json
log_level = logging.DEBUG
base_url= ""
token = <API Key>
app_id =<Application id>
** For getRequest(), postRequest(),putRequest() refer to Appendix.

Company details

response = getRequest("/company/find", token)
company_id = response['id']"Company Id = %s"%company_id)

Application details

response = getRequest("/app/list?company_id=%s"%company_id, token)
default_app_name = response[0]['name']"App Name = %s" % default_app_name)
default_app_id= response[0]['id']"App Id = %s" % default_app_id)

Application code(refer documentation)

default_app_code = response[0]['code']"App Code = %s" % default_app_code)

Default audience segment

response = getRequest("/filter/list?type=&showHidden=false&page=0&app_id=%s"%default_app_id, token)
default_filter_id = response['content'][0]['id']"Filter Id for DEFAULT FILTER =%s"%default_filter_id)

Audience count

response = getRequest("/filter/count/%s"%default_filter_id, token)
device_count = response['devices']['deviceCount']"Filter Device Count = %s"% device_count)
playtime = int(time.time() * 1000) #playtime in milliseconds, is 5 minutes in advance"Play time is set current time =%d"%playtime)

Create message

data = {}
data['appId'] = default_app_id
data['title'] = 'Python Test Message'
data['subtitle'] ='Python test message'
data['text'] = 'This is a very short text test message.'
data['fbTitle'] = 'Fb Title'
data['fbSubtitle'] ='Gb Subtitle'
data['fbText'] = 'Fb This is a very short text test message.'
data['expiry'] = '1440'
data['playTime'] = playtime
data['about'] = []
data['filterId'] = default_filter_id
data['companyId'] = company_id
data['type'] = 'TEXT'
data['priority'] = 'MEDIUM'
data['channel'] = 'PUSH'
data['favourite'] = 0
data['action'] = "ok"
response = postRequest("/notification/create", token, data)
notification_id = response['id']"NotificationId = %s"%notification_id)

Schedule notification

response = postRequest("/notification/schedule?id=%s"%notification_id, token, "")
You should now receive a notification on your demo application.


Get request

def getRequest(api, token):
global base_url
url = base_url+api
response = requests.get(url, headers={'Authorization' : 'Bearer {}'.format(token),
'Content-Type' : 'application/json' }).content.strip().decode('utf-8')
logging.debug("Response = %s"%str(response))
return json.loads(response)

Post request

def postRequest(api, token, dataarray):
global base_url
url = base_url+api
response =, headers={'Authorization' : 'Bearer {}'.format(token),
'Content-Type' : 'application/json' }, data=json.dumps(dataarray)).content.strip().decode('utf-8')
logging.debug("Response = %s"%str(response))
return json.loads(response)