Once a message has been sent, the report for that message is generated. To view reports go to sent messages and select the message that you want to review.

Report Definitions


Total Sent - The number of messages successfully sent to Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc server

Delivered - The number of Face messages that have been delivered to the user's device

Unreachable - The number of devices that were unable to receive the HoloPush message. This could be for a number of reasons. The device was once subscribed to notifications but has now either uninstalled your application or opted out of notifications. The battery may be low or the app is no longer installed.


Delivered - The number of messages that have been delivered to the user's device

Engaged - The number of users who have engaged with the HoloPush message

Not Engaged - The number of users who have not engaged with the HoloPush message

Engagement% - The number of users who engaged (clicked to play) with your delivered HoloPush message

Hologram Plays - The total number of users who played your HoloPush message

Clicks - The total number of users who clicked your HoloPush message to go to the chosen next destination

CTR% - Click Through Rate, the number of users who clicked on your HoloPush message from the people who played it

Time in App - The amount of time a user spent (Seconds) within your app after opening your holoPush message

Play Count - The amount of times a user has played your Hologram message (Only available for HoloPush, not Text/Rich media messages)

Direct Open - Users that received your message and opened your app directly from the holoPush message

Influenced Opens - The number of opens that occur indirectly as a result of a push notification. Every app open that occurs after a push is an influenced open, whether it is the direct result of a push or not.

Influenced opens are only calculated for a 12 hour window after the push was sent.

Saving a Hologram to the Holo Library

You are able to save any Hologram from your sent messages to the holo library. To save your hologram recording to the holo library you need to:

Open the Sent Message you want to save the hologram for. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click the 'Save recording to library' button below the hologram preview.

You will then be asked to add a title to the Hologram you would like to save

Once you have added your title your hologram will be saved to the library. You will now be able to send this hologram in any future messages from the 2mee platform.

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