WordPress Integration

2mee have a Beta WordPress Plugin available to add to your website using the WordPress store. You can find the plugin using this link
Once you have downloaded the 2mee WordPress plugin you will need to go to the 2mee platform and sign in with your 2mee platform login.
You will then need to navigate to the settings page and select Web Push
You will then be shown your web code which contains your 2mee webID, please copy your 2mee webID and enter this within the settings of your wordpress plugin on your wordpress site.
2mee WebID example
You have now enabled Global and page-specific messages on all the pages of your website. To fine-tune for specific web pages use short-codes as described below:
Fixed messages
You can display fixed messages using a button press or load it in an iframe. For placing a button use the following shortcode:
[hologram message_name="mesg_name" type="button" button_text="Press Me" link="" class="btn btn-info"]
mesg_name is the name of the HoloCapsule
type=button indicates a button
button_text, this field will customize the button text
class parameter is provided to further customize the iframe using css
link is a URL that will open up if the viewer click on the playing message.
For an iframe use the following:
[hologram message_name="mesg_name" type="inplace" class="iframeclass"]
mesg_name is the name of the HoloCapsule
type=inplace indicates an iframe to play the message in place
class parameter is provided to further customize the iframe using css
Global and Topic-specific messages
Global messages are enabled by default on each page, use of global=false disables the global message for that page only. Position of these short-code tags do not matter much but preferably place them in place that is easier to locate and manage.
Default: Plays all global messages and page-specific messages
[hologram global="true"]
Following plays all default messages and also messages corresponding to “women”, “red” and “cap” topics. For more on topics refer to 2mee documentation.
[hologram global="true" topics="women,red,cap"]
Following disables all default messages.
[hologram global="false"]
Following disables all default messages and only allow topics messages for topics mentioned in topics field.
[hologram global="false" topics="women,red,cap"]